The Virtual Power Plant

The Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is the future of energy in Britain. It's a way for businesses and generators to help make a more stable, greener grid - and to benefit financially too.

The Virtual Power Plant

• Reduce your energy bills

• Generate additional income

• Avoid peak charges

• Help green up the national grid

How does it work?

Think of it as having a remote energy manager whose sole mission is to optimise your energy usage and reduce your energy bills, using frequency response and market balancing to take best advantage of the peaks and troughs in energy generation, demand and pricing.

The process is simple. We attach a wireless box to your meters, which communicates with the central control system. This central control system also sends commands and scheduling signals to the boxes – increasing or reducing energy when it might benefit the grid and you.

The Ecotricity trading team take advantage of the high’s and low’s of energy prices by entering a variety of flexible energy markets, enabling them to better manage the position within each half hourly settlement period.

This helps to minimise the costs and challenges associated with TRIAD and DUOS, which we can pass onto our customers. It also helps to creates a more sustainable, smarter grid. 

Is the Virtual Power Plant right for my business?

All you need is flexibility in your demand and a Half Hourly metered supply - and we’ll look at how suitable the VPP is for your business by completing on-site assessments and revenue modelling.

It’s easy to find out if the VPP could work for your business.  Just email or call us 0345 600 1994.

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