Drayton Tank - Specialists in Water Storage Tanks

Drayton Tanks produces one of the largest ranges of (GRP) Glass Reinforced Plastic water tanks for both hot and cold water storage as well as chemical and other solutions.

Also tanks for Waste Water, Effluent and chemical storage along with a large range of tanks suitable for Feed and expansion F&E tanks for water upto 70 Deg C.

Hot water tanks as available from our Chemical range suitable for water upto 120 Deg C.

Among our range of tanks most are suitable for header tanks, break tanks and balance tanks, and can be used for just about any storage solution requirement.

We supply and deliver to the whole of the UK.
With millions of Litres of liquid being stored in our Plastic and GRP Fibreglass tanks throughout the UK including water tanks, chemical tank and oil tanks.
Drayton Tanks is forging ahead with our Water tanks, accessories and fittings helping to keep your water cleaner and safer.

Our extensive range water tanks and storage tanks includes:

•Wras approved water tanks suitable for drinking water (Potable).
•Cold Water Booster Pump Break Tanks.
•Rainwater and storm water tanks.
•Break tanks and Header tanks.
•Effluent and Chemical storage tanks.
•Grey and waste water tanks.

Our tanks have a vast range of uses as shown above but also can be used as swimming pool balance tanks, buffer and settlement tanks, and many more situations aswell as mains cold water storage tanks and cold water booster pump tanks.

One Piece Tanks, Two Piece and Sectional Tanks also Totally Internally Flanged 'TIF' Sectional storage vessel are all availiable for chemical and water tanks.

With one of the largest ranges of Fibreglass (GRP) and plastic storage tank solutions in the UK for both Above and Below Ground installations with sizes starting from 45 litres upto 100,000 Litres in our One Piece Tank Range alone and bespoke sizes available also,

We have the capacity to help our customers with just about any project they have.

Backflow prevention solutions to Fluid Category 5 with our Type AB Airgaps available on our Water Tanks to give the highest available protection to the cold water mains supply,

The Backflow Prevention is required when possible contamination may occur in water storage tanks and is normally required on all Water Tanks for commercially installed Cold Water Booster Pump Sets.

Along with our vast range of Water tanks, We also supply only the highest quality fittings, connections and accessories that are available to the industry, from EBCO Equilibrium Ballvalves and Keraflo's renowned delayed action float valves, To our own Screened Overflows which can be as large as 16'' some of the largest available in the UK,

Also Outlets, Drains, Screened Tank Vents, Rodent Screens and also a range of Brass and Stainless Steel Fittings to help provide our customers a complete water tank storage solution.

Standard tanks, Feed & Expansion (F&E)and chemical resistant Glass Fibre tanks are available for various temperature and liquid storage requirements and are available in all sizes along with Insulation options if required.

Drayton tank is fast becoming a one stop supplier for all your storage requirements!!.

Supplying Quality WRAS Approved GRP water Storage Tanks to the UK.

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