Screened Spillover Wier

Many water authorities are demanding water storage tanks that are connected to mains water has the mains protected from contamination, this is achieved with a Type AB Airgap.

Screened Spillover Wier

400 * 95mm Screened Spillover weir

Screened with grade 316 stainless steel mesh so that the weir complies with water regulations.

Cowled to prevent ingress of light into the tank.

Suitable to create Cat 5 Backflow Prevention ( Type AB Airgap ), by fitting the weirs into the walls of the tank or fitting a raised ballvalve with the weirs onto the lid of the tank.

Type AB Airgaps

1 No. Weir suitable for inlets upto 1"

2 No Weirs suitable for inlets upto 1.5"

4 No. Weirs Suitable for inlets upto 2"

Larger Weirs can be specially made for larger inlets, please contact our offices for these weirs.

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