Reduce your energy costs with Atlas Copco blowers

Atlas Copco has an energy-efficient solution for every application needing low-pressure compressed air. Their innovative air blowers incorporate the latest energy efficient design and technologies.

Atlas Copco's continuous drive for energy efficiency to reduce your energy cost, has made innovation the heart of Atlas Copco's values and for a century now, they have been at the forefront of compression technology thanks to a number of ground-breaking introductions.

Be it the introduction of the single-stage Z compressor with asymmetric screw design (ZE/ZA), the launch of the high-speed direct drive turbo blower range (ZB), the first energy efficient screw type air blower (ZS) and now the extended range with multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters - Atlas Copco have a perfect solution for every application needing low pressure compressed air.

Many industries that use air blowers for their processes can benefit from the energy efficiency of rotary screw air blowers, especially those that operate wastewater treatment plants where aeration air blowers typically represent up to 70 percent of total electricity costs. In the treatment process, millions of bacteria feed on organic waste, breaking it up into carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and water and, because the bacteria need oxygen, a large quantity of air is needed to be blown into the aeration tanks.

Atlas Copco's latest ZS+ range of oil-free, energy-saving positive displacement screw blowers is designed to meet today's low carbon economy needs, with ZS screw blower technology on average 30 percent more energy efficient, when compared to conventional lobe-type, low-pressure air solutions.

In addition to the screw blower's inherent lower energy demand, further energy savings can be achieved by opting for the VSD version of the ZS+ blower. The integrated frequency converter varies the speed of the drive motor to match changes in the blower air demand, thus consuming only the minimum amount of energy, providing savings of up to 35% in energy costs. As an additional benefit, the ZS+ blower can be fitted with Atlas Copco's Elektronikon® operating system which monitors overall system performance and is able to increase efficiency and reliability by directly controlling the blower's speed to the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.

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