Precious Metals Recovery Analytical & Valuation Services

Consultancy Service & Waste Management The best consultants are those who act, advise and manage with experience, expertise and a network to call upon.

Precious Metals Recovery Analytical & Valuation Services

G. C. Metals Limited offers customers a practical and consultancy role in its precious metals' waste and reclaim management. More and more firms are investigating the possibility of recovering materials in the hope of cost-savings and reductions in environmental waste. What is considered waste, can in fact contain many reusable metals. We will advise as to their value and viability.

With new environmental directives and regulations, such as the WEEE directive, covering and restricting industrial production, emissions, and equipment, it is becoming necessary to consult specialist people, who are able to advise, value and act for you.

G. C. Metals Limited has the experience, expertise and network necessary to advise and provide valuable waste management and reclamation services. Not only that, we can leave recepticles in your works' areas for storage and collection of scrap arisings.

We endeavour to advise and provide a solution for our customers, ensuring they recover reusable metals to an environmental and financial advantage.

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