Precious Metals Recovery Industries

G. C. Metals Limited offers its precious metals reclamation service to a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers. If you belong to any of the following industries, it is likely that you generate valuable, reclaimable waste. Just call us on 0116 254 2832 and we will sample your waste to determine its viability. Listed below are some typical examples. For more detailed information of specific material types, which are suitable for recovery, please see our RECOVERABLE MATERIALS page.


  • AEROSPACE & AVIONICS - electronic packages
  • AUTOMOTIVE - switches & relays
  • CERAMICS - paints, wipes & rags
  • CHEMICAL & PETROCHEMICAL - catalysts, wipes
  • COMPUTER - circuit boards
  • DENTAL - caps, filings & filters
  • ELECTRONIC RESEARCH - sputtering residues, chips
  • ENGINEERING - plated components
  • ENVIRONMENTAL - sensors & detectors
  • JEWELLERY - floor sweeps, polishings & lemel
  • MINING & REFINING - gold flake, gold retort sponge
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC - silver sensitized film & paper
  • PLATING & VACUUM PLATING - targets, anodes
  • PRINTING - lithographic & graphic arts film
  • RADAR & MARINE - circuit boards & relays
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS - circuit boards & relay

For further information, please contact Maurice Godley on 0116 254 2832 or email

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