Filter Presses

FILTER PRESSES - FILTER CLOTHS - FILTER BELTS. Leading Specialist Micronics, incorporated 1983 to manufacture and supply a full range of dewatering solutions. Micronics offer process, mechanical and electrical design, supply and project management of equipment supply, hire, service, upgrades, maintenance and refurbishment of filter presses, technical filter cloth media, filter plates and filter belts. In 1991, Micronics added capital plant supply to its portfolio, dedicated to the design and development of high quality, cost effective filter press machinery. Our range of Filter Presses are used in a wide variety of applications including municipal waste and water treatment, pigments and dyes, edible oils, the food and beverage industry, mining as well as many specialized applications.

Filter Presses

Our filter press designs meet simple standards:
Low Capacity filters are available from 250mm(10") to 930mm (36") plate sizes. These machines are an effective, inexpensive choice for handling smaller quantities of material. Cake handling systems may be via cake carts, drum disposal systems or elevated platforms, which allow cake to discharge over "roll off" hoppers.

These filters are available with stainless steel clad side rails with either spring return or double acting cylinders. The closing system may be by simple hand pump, air driven/spring return or air driven close with air retract. Smaller filters may be inexpensively clad with polypropylene or stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Models manufactured in 100% stainless are available for food or laboratory grade applications.   

Micronics Filtration designs and builds hundreds of different medium to high capacity filter presses for various applications.

Our skilled technicians engineer these specific press designs for filtering large quantities of slurry.

Below you will find a selection of popular High Capacity Filter designs
Sidebar Automatic - (Open Filtrate)
Mechanized plate movement, with open filtrate plates, supplied with electro hydraulic closing system and hydraulic plate shifter.
Sidebar Automatic - (Closed Filtrate)
Mechanized plate movement, with closed filtrate, supplied with electro hydraulic closing system, a hydraulic plate shifter and an electrically driven automatic cloth washer. Automated feed and filtrate valves may be incorporated.
Manual Overhead - Single beam overhead filters allow one person to move the filter plates easily. The design does not require mechanized shifters. The framework and hanger system is slightly more expensive than side bar models.
Automatic Twin Beam Overhead - Overhead plate suspension with tie rod design is used for large filter presses installations. The plates are moved via overhead, hydraulic plate shifters. Safety doors and electric light guards protect the operator.
Stainless Steel Clad - Fully automatic side bar filter press, stainless steel clad with automatic cloth washer designed for specialty chemical facility. The filter incorporates a specially designed gasketed membrane plate, a skid mounted plate inflation system and the capability to operate up to 15 bar (225psi). Micronics designs and produces optional equipment for hundreds of Filter Presses. Each component is precisely engineered to fit a particular model for optimal performance and durability. Expansion pieces may be supplied with original equipment, for removal later to allow easy installation of additional plates.
Pneumatic Plate Shifter -
Semi automatic plate shifters allow one operator to handle larger filter plates. They may be retrofit to rectangular sidebar filters or supplied with original equipment.    
Skid mounted precoat systems are designed and sized to work with your filter press. Smaller feed systems may be used to process chemical cleaning solutions and the squeeze liquor needed for membrane plate inflation - contact your distributor for advice on the benefits of these turnkey products.
"Bomb Bay" drip tray doors -
Supplied with filters when filtrate drips need to be contained and/or washing down of the filter cloth is expected to be part of the process.
Automatic cloth washing machines -
May be installed on both sidebar and overhead model filters. PLC logic controls allow automatic plate movement and cloth washing without operator intervention.
Filter Cake Carts -
These carts can be rolled under the press during the filtration process to collect the accumulated waste (cake) for easy disposal.

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