Slow Worms - Anguis fragilis

During May - August 2007 we are conducting the safe capture and relocation of a colony of Slow Worms from a development site within our area. Slow worms look superficially like snakes, but are actually legless lizards. One way to identify them is that unlike snakes, lizards (and therefore slow worms) have eyelids. These "worms" range from 30 - 50cm in length.

Slow Worms are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 from being killed, injured or sold and are less common than they used to be. Our involvement as lead consultant is to advise and oversee that the Slow Worms are safely captured and relocated within the grounds to their new habitat. This involves a minimum of 60 days to safely capture these "legless lizards" and re-house them in their new habitat.

As many developers today are finding wildlife on their sites, it is essential that the correct guidelines are followed to conserve our wildlife for the future, whether a protected specie or not.

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