Does energy from waste or organic material hold the key to controlling energy costs?

Bales of most burnable materials can be used as fuel. Disposing of the residue from the processing of Municipal Solid Waste presently costs more to bury at a landfill site than the cost you would pay at the gates of an incineration plant to burn it for energy production. Baling organic materials (Biomass) such as wood or straw provides a cleaner fuel and, depending on the quality, can be sold on the open market.

Does energy from waste or organic material hold the key to controlling energy costs?

While recycling rates are increasing there is still a substantial amount of material remaining after the recycling process from the millions of tonnes of waste produced every year. Landfill space is diminishing and the cost of landfilling is at an all-time high. Energy is in short supply relying on expensive imports. Energy from waste is reasonably cheap energy from a range of materials no one wants. 
The aggressive nature of Municipal Solid Waste and similar materials will soon damage unprotected machinery which is why many Macpresse models including the new Mac 107 are fitted with additional defensive liners manufactured from Hardox, a military grade toughened alloy.
Plastic baling wire and bale wrapping equipment complete the picture making Macpresse machines the ideal choice for Refuse Derived Fuel, Solid Recovered Fuel or Biomass production.
Finance is available on all new baling presses subject to status. Spread the cost of a new machine and let it work for you while you're purchasing it. Ask for details, you'll be surprised how affordable a new Macpresse machine can be. Lease is also available with no Capital outlay, spreading the rental over 1-7 years. Lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, in real terms, a minimum of 20% tax relief is available therefore reducing the overall expenditure. Outright purchase not only ties up capital- it also reduces tax-deductible allowances. A five year peace on mind maintenance package is available on all new machines. This exceptional value for money package covers you for maintenance, repair, wear parts and consumables for five years. You know exactly what your costs will be from day one. Your accountant will love you for it. 

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