L Series Baling Presses from Macpresse

The Macpresse L-series range of bailing presses is specifically designed for processing municipal solid waste (MSW), refuse derived fuel waste (RDF), solid recovered fuel (SRF), commercial waste and recyclable materials. The latest CAD and production techniques married to tried and tested machine design has produced an outstanding range of baling presses.

L Series Baling Presses from Macpresse

The L-series is extremely well engineered with a heavily constructed frame specifically designed for the harsh environment found in MSW, RDF and commercial waste operations. The two L-series models, the Mac 110L/1 and Mac 111L/1 can produce from 480 to 810 metres of baled waste per hour.  Liners are manufactured from "Hardrox 500” to withstand the abrasive action of the waste materials and the baling operation. Liners are easily and quickly replaced when worn to keep downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum.
The intelligent hydraulic system of the L-series balers provides maximum baling pressure where it is most needed improving production.   The electro-mechanical, horizontal, tying system is designed to operate with either traditional steel wire or the latest Macpresse plastic wire, which has been specially developed for those who wish to bale RDF waste to be sent to waste incineration recovery facilities.  The L-series bale structure is elevated, keeping debris away from the tying mechanism and making cleaning easier.  The optional leachate conveyor collects all liquids released during the compaction cycle for onward further processing. After tying the bales can be wrapped in plastic film using an automatic in-line wrapping unit if required.
For further information on Macpresse baling presses call Paul Godfrey at RCP Macpress 01952 630001 or visit www.rcpmacpress.co.uk.

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