Macpresse Baling presses chosen for MRF's

Within a Material Recycling Facility (MRF) mixed waste is separated into its different material streams. The MRF usually consists of a conveyor system, a sorting area, storage area and baling facilities. The sorting area has a number of workstations where recyclable materials such as plastics, metals, paper, cardboard, etc are removed from the waste stream by hand. These separated materials are transported from the sorting area by conveyor of a chute to a storage area where they can be sent to the baler when required.

Macpresse Baling presses chosen for MRF's

The Macpresse range of continuous baling presses and conveyors are a popular choice for MRF installations because of their reliability, low maintenance and ability to readily integrate with equipment of other manufacturers.  Macpresse equipment is supplied in the U.K. R.C.P Macpresse (UK) Ltd. of Telford, Shropshire, who are able to supply a complete baling solution for your MRF.  Most often R.C.P Macpresse often work closely with companies who specialise in designing and constructing MRF’s., such companies have recently specified Macpresse continuous baling presses for several prestigious MRF installations in the UK and Eire. 
Most Macpresse baling machines are suitable for use within an MRF operation. The Mac 105, 108/1, 110/1, 110L/1, 111/1, 111L/1, 111AS and 112 are all ideal for use within an MRF situation.  The L series offer additional features and an optional leachate collection system for baling wet municipal solid waste.
All Macpresse Fully automatic baling systems are extremely well engineered using the latest CAD and production techniques incorporated into tried and tested machine design.  The frame is heavily constructed to give years of trouble free service in the harsh environment of a recycling or commercial waste operation. The baling and the extrusion chamber are fully lined with “Hardrox 500.”  All liners are designed to withstand the abrasive action of the waste materials and the baling operation, yet easily replaced when worn.
R.C.P Macpress baling machines are designed for continuous operation.  The electro-mechanical, horizontal, wire tying system can operate with either traditional steel wire or the latest Macpresse plastic wire, which has been specially developed for those who wish to bale RDF waste to be sent to waste incineration recovery facilities. All Macpresse machines are designed to provide the highest production and bale density in all types of material.  Bale size has been optimised for loading in export containers, lorries and trains.
Full monitoring of the press can be achieved using the optional Macpresse Bale Supervisor. A computer programme designed to provide diagnostic analysis and management reports.  The information is provided in real time, yielding cost per tonne analysis for labour, electrical consumption, baling wire usage, hourly production by grade, uptime and downtime reports together with other statistical data.
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