Producing RDF with Macpresse Baling Presses

Every week in the U.K. in excess of 2,000,000 tonnes of waste is produced. Half of the industrial waste and more than 80% of the municipal solid waste produced goes to landfill. Energy costs continue to rise, because of a worldwide energy shortage, yet we bury waste that could be used as an energy source. The calorific fraction of the waste we currently send to landfill can easily be turned in to Refuse Derived Fuel or Solid Recovered Fuel, as it is sometimes known, and sold as an alternative to gas, oil, electricity or solid fuels to produce energy. Burying a valuable fuel source when the world is short of fuel is a waste of waste.

Producing RDF with Macpresse Baling Presses

The continuing rise in fuel prices is matched only by the continuing rise in demand with no sign yet of the situation changing.  RDF and SRF is a partial answer to the energy crisis and using the correct equipment it can be produced quickly and economically.
R.C.P Macpress supply a range of baling, conveying and wrapping equipment equipment ideal for producing RDF and SRF.  Macpresse baling presses are already in use in several installations in the UK and overseas baling separated municipal solid waste to produce fuel. 
Every baling press is designed to handle waste material in high volumes and built to work in the harsh environment of a facility processing MSW and other recyclables. Every model is engineered for minimal electrical consumption, conforms to the latest health and safety legislation, and is reliable and easy to operate.
For RDF and SRF applications bales are tied with high calorific plastic baling wire, using metal wire would introduce an unwanted material (metal) in to the fuel.  A Macpresse bale wrapping line is a useful addition when producing RDF. The wrapping line, added to encase all bales in high calorific plastic film, keeps the moisture content at the desired level and prevents material loss.  By using the Macpresse patented plastic baling wire and plastic wrapping film, the calorific value of the fuel is increased giving a higher-grade finished product.
RCP Macpress can supply an individual machine or complete system to suit your requirements.  They offer a complete design and installation service together with flexible maintenance packages.
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