Transwaste (Hull) New RDF Plant

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Transwaste (Hull) New RDF Plant

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A new refuse derived fuel production facility, for Transwaste Recycling and Aggregates Limited of Hull, has now been completed. This multi-million pound project involved the construction of a 33,000 square foot storage and processing unit, several municipal solid waste storage bays and the installation of a Mac 111/1 baling press, Macpresse conveyor and a Rotowrap bale wrapping line supplied by R.C.P SA. Producing up to 40 tonnes of refuse derived fuel per hour, the new facility is part of a planned expansion for Transwaste. Not all of the building is new, as part of their policy of reuse and recycle some of the steelwork for the new structure has been reclaimed from the demolition of a warehouse and adapted for the new building, saving time, money and resources.

Initially 50,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW), produced by house holders and businesses, will be transported to the Transwaste facility every year for processing. The waste is then shredded, screened and the high calorific fraction baled as fuel. To enhance the quality of the bale, and ensure suitability for burning all bales are tied using plastic baling wire and wrapped in plastic film. Most of the baled RDF is exported although some is used in the United Kingdom to produce electricity which is connected to the national grid.

The screening, baling and wrapping process is automated to make it as efficient as possible. The screen discharges the waste into the in-floor conveyor, which constantly feeds the Mac 111/1baling press. The rest of the process is controlled by the baling press, which continually bales the material. Bales of the correct size, and density are produced without further operator intervention. The completed bales are tied with 5 burnable plastic baling wires and the entire bale is wrapped in plastic film for storage and transportation to the customer. The press can produce a bale weighing approximately 1.4 tonnes every 80 seconds.

The investment Transwaste have made in new technology that will help not only give them a competitive edge in the RDF market but also help them achieve zero landfill. Having recently won the Humber Renewables Large Business of the Year award 2012, they are poised for greater commercial success and no-doubt many more awards.

See the video of Transwaste in action - click here (may take a few moments to load).

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