Energy and Carbon Optimisation

The Energy and Carbon Optimisation turn energy data and compliance into tangible opportunities to reduce carbon, consumption and energy costs.

Energy and Carbon Optimisation

Going beyond compliance with tangible bottom line benefits with BiU Energy and Carbon Optimisation, from energy alarms to compliance reporting.

We help our client comply with mandatory regulations such as SECR as well as harness their energy usage to make actionable changes to create opportunities to reduce carbon, save money and create lasting operational change.

Energy Compliance

From carrying our ESOS audits to helping with ISO5001, our energy compliance team are qualified, certified and skilled in making sure your company meets it’s compliance obligations.

Energy Alarms

Targeting wastage as it happens, improving your site’s energy use and reducing your energy consumption.

Energy Reduction & Training

Our Energy Engineers are based around the UK to audit and address energy wastage instantly at a client’s site whether that's through adjusting BEMS, making changes to kitchen settings or providing behavioural change.

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