Revenue Recovery

The way in which energy supply chain charges are levied has changed dramatically since market deregulation in the early 90s. There are currently over 1,000 combinations of data that can make up a final invoice. Your bill includes various charges within the supply chain including, but not limited to, generation, transmission, distribution and meter operator charges.

Revenue Recovery

We recovered over £1,700,000 in electricity costs for one customer

BiU’s Revenue Recovery service does exactly what it says on the tin, returning £££s to your bottom line. It is a comprehensive investigation into your utility bills incorporating electricity, gas and water.

The audit will identify potential discrepancies on your account that in most circumstances are not visible to end users and will enable us to obtain refunds for any erroneous charges directly to you. Whilst most organisations have a form of ’bill validation’ in place, this is normally a superficial overview of the invoice and not an in-depth review of legacy costs by industry experts.

The story so far…

£450,000 saved for an NHS Trust

£680,000 saved for a UK manufacturer

£1,800,000 saved for a bank

£600,000 saved for a multi-site retailer

£200,000 saved for a national retailer

Why BIU?

To date we have recovered tens of millions of pounds for our clients ranging from FTSE 100 companies, NHS, Central and Local Government and private companies.

Our bespoke information technology systems enable us to carry out the most in-depth analysis meaning we often find opportunities others don’t.

Our account management structure and IT systems are flexible to accommodate all types of organisation.


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