Utility Management Solutions

Comprising of client-dedicated teams handling all your utility expense billing from energy bill validation and budgets, through to metering and site works.

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Environmental & Operational Permit Compliance SystemEliminate the burden and obstacles associated with permit compliance by harnessing the power of a turnkey, integrated service and solution.
Carbon Filters for Airport Terminal Building Air Handling UnitsThe AAC Swiftkit Carbon Filter System enables air handling unit (AHU) manufacturers to quickly and easily install carbon filters into the design of their AHUs for airport terminal buildings.
SolventsImprove performance and cut costs with industry-leading solvents with proven formulations for better CO2 capture and biogas upgrading.
Modular SystemsOut-of-the-box modular solutions for easy, affordable and scalable carbon capture.
Odour Control and VOC Abatement Solutions in Sewage and Wastewater TreatmentWe manufacture a full range of standard and customised Odour Control and VOC Abatement solutions for Wastewater and Sewage Treatment applications.
Activated Carbon Filters for the Chemical, Oil and Gas SectorsThe AAC BFV Bulk Filter is a high-performance activated carbon filter designed for industrial processes in the engineering, chemical, oil and gas sectors with low to medium volume flowrates and high odour of VOC component from 0.5 m3/s up to 2.5 m3/s per vessel.
Integrated Digital Solutions for Waste Management & Compliance ExcellenceFor companies producing waste, and those responsible for its recovery or disposal, building an integrated waste management program is essential to minimise the burden of paperwork, ensure peace-of-mind from compliance, and drive continual improvements for performance reporting.
Creating Tomorrow's Forests Corporate BrochurePartnering with Creating Tomorrow's Forests to plant trees works towards sustainability and climate action goals and helps us to create thriving UK woodland, high in biodiversity. We provide detailed updates on how the site is developing and because it's in the UK, you can go and visit it to see how

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