Control of pollution measures for potentially polluting or hazardous stored liquids/materials require secondary, and sometimes tertiary, containment. Impermeable bund walls are often a simple cost effective solution to this issue and can be effectively and reliably constructed using precast concrete wall panels. The bund must contain the material in the event of a spillage or escape thus preventing the contamination of the surrounding area.


Bund walls are generally required to contain the greater of either 110% of the largest tank capacity or 25% of the total tank capacity. (Different rules apply for Pesticides - consult BASIS Registration Scheme)  However rainfall should also be considered in the calculation of capacity and where combustible materials are stored allowance should be made for firefighting foam/liquid.  For ease of access for fire fighters and inspection the wall height should be no more than 1.5m high.

ACP offer three alternative precast bund wall solutions:

  1. Precast Concrete Panels manufactured in lengths up to 8m in a single section and up to 3m high where required. Protruding reinforcing bars connect the bund wall stem to the internal supporting floor slab in new build situations. A bolt down booted wall is also available to upgrade existing installation. Either option provides rapid, safe site construction with minimal joints. All joints are treated with hydrophilic sealant and non-shrink grouts to ensure containment. 

  2. Interlocking prestressed concrete wall panels spanning between, & fixed to, the steel columns/king posts provide foundation free, uniform, smooth, bund walls. The panels are cast to the correct length to fit on the face or between the webs of the columns and with a tongue & groove joint detail fit together neatly. Available in 95mm and 145mm, sections and a range of heights the panels are used in combination to achieve the desired overall wall height. Particularly suitable for sites without a concrete floor slab such as impermeable clay liners or hold rolled asphalt

  3. Vertical Cantilever Prestressed Panels - panels are set into a shallow foundation at a depth of 0.5m AFFL and tied into the foundation with reinforcing bars (supplied). Additional supporting steelwork is not required resulting in a smooth, uninterrupted wall surface on both sides. The panels can be used in combination to meet almost all required layouts and are manufactured at variable heights to suit each application. After installation the panel joints and wall/floor joint are sealed to provide a watertight seal. These are suitable for larger areas where the wall needs to accommodate an awkward site layouts or high backfill loads.


Benefits of ACP Precast Bund Wall Solutions:

Fire Rated Panels - 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour fire rated panels are available

Smaller footprint compared to precast block walls

Rapid installation

Robust, durable, low maintenance panels


Further Information on Bund Wall Design:

More information regarding the design requirements of containment systems and bund walls can be found at



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