Biomass fuel stores come in an infinite variety of sizes and ACP have a wide range of prestressed and precast concrete panels to meet all requirements. The ACP precast concrete wall panel system is a fast track construction method for storage and separation of bulk materials.


Interlocking prestressed concrete wall panels spanning between & fixed to the steel columns/king posts are the simplest to fit and provide foundation free, uniform, smooth, robust retaining walls for biomass storage. The panels are made to measure to fit on the face or between the webs of the columns and with a tongue & groove joint detail fit together neatly. This joint detail allows the panels to share the load up the wall.  Available in 145mm, 180mm and 280mm sections and a range of widths the panels are used in combination to achieve the desired overall wall height. The section size required is determined by a function of the span, height and properties of the stored biomass material (bulk density and angle of repose). It is possible to incorporate openings for walking floors or spring agitator feed systems in the wall.  

Prestressed vertical cantilever wall panels can be used to construct division walls within the clear span of a building or external bunker structures above or below ground. The prestressed concrete panels are set into a shallow foundation at a depth of 0.5m AFFL and tied into the foundation with reinforcing bars (supplied). Additional supporting steelwork is not required resulting in a smooth, uninterrupted wall surface on both sides. The panels can be used in combination to meet almost all required layouts and are manufactured at variable heights to suit each application. After installation the panel joints and wall/floor joint are sealed to provide a watertight seal.


Precast Storage WallsPrecast Arrow Panels are ideal for the construction of temporary storage bays or where walls are required in an existing building. Available in units 1m wide and up to 4m high the movable panels have interlocking heavy bases for stability and forklift tine slots to enable quick & easy repositioning.


Advantages of the Precast Concrete Wall System

  • Durable 
  • Rapid Installation 
  • Smooth Internal Finish
  • Economical
  • Movable -   As well as the portable Arrow Panels, the horizontal wall panels can also be dismantled & relocated to meet alterations in layout.

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