CSO Monitoring

MetaSphere's CSO Monitoring solution safely and reliably oversees the operation of Combined Sewer Overflows, providing easy-to-use overviews of status information and access to data for incident analysis, modelling and investment analysis.

CSO Monitoring

An intrinsically safe solution ensures the smallest possible footprint to meet the ATEX regulations for use in hazardous areas. The installation operates on battery power and can be installed in two hours. Once installed the unit requires only periodic battery replacement for continued operation. The unit is designed such that battery replacement can be completed at site removing the cost and lost data of a return-to-factory regime.

A fully functional Remote Telemetry Unit capable of detection of various level incidents and sudden rate of change of level monitors the asset using an industry-standard ultrasonic sensor. Incidents are reported in real time and all data collected is returned via GSM data or GPRS to the central system on a configurable basis for display and analysis.

A simple to use reporting facility is provided which can be accessed anywhere using a standard web browser. CSO data is converted into meaningful status information which can be easily extracted for further use.

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