Energy Management System

Metasphere's Energy Management System is designed to help businesses that consume large quantities of energy. As these companies come under increasing financial and environmental pressure, it enables them to deliver significant cost savings through automated monitoring and control and to sell standby generating capacity back to National Grid.

Energy Management System

The Energy Management System is suitable for any industrial or commercial company with high energy consumption. The National Grid and local electricity providers offer a range of incentives and deterrents to control usage. Metasphere’s System provides businesses with the opportunity to manage their energy consumption
through automation, balancing their own energy requirements against these incentives and deterrents.

Energy management provides businesses with the ability to automate load shedding and to manage energy consumption against limits set according to:
•Energy tariffs
•Modelling or optimisation algorithms
•Triad or other high tariff energy events
Controlling load to defined profiles achieves the best fit between production and distribution requirements and energy tariffs. Configurations can be easily amended and the user can define critical and non-critical loads; the Energy Management System automatically sheds non-critical load as limits are approached. The opportunity for manual intervention allows maximum flexibility

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