Biogas Desulphurisation with SulfaTreat

Read why Higgins & Hewins recommend SulfaTreat for hydrogen sulphide removal from landfill gas and biogas from anaerobic digesters. SulfaTreat can be used as a stand alone system or can provide final polishing after biological scrubbers. High take up capacity for H2S and suitable for wet gas streams.

Stand Alone
-Suitable for H2S loads less than 3000kg/year
-Single vessel or lead/lag with 2 vessels in series
-Can be left redundant for years if H2S levels low
-Immediate maximum performance on start up

With Biological Scrubber
In Series
-Provides maximum H2S removal
-Reduces Capex and guarantees for scrubber
-Full protection during biological failure
-Enables large performance increase in future
-Immediate response to rapid increases in flow

In Parallel
-Standby by when scrubber not available
-Can be sized for one month media life

SulfaTreat Process
-Guaranteed performance, maintenance free
-Ideal process for unmanned sites
-Works with water saturated flows
-Guaranteed less than 1ppm H2S outlet for all challenges
-Simple media change by industrial vacuuming

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