Dry Scrubbing Medias

We stock many grades of activated carbon and activated alumina. Our potassium permanganate impregnation from Alphasorb provides effective final polishing. SulfaTreat media is also available for H2S removal from biogas and landfill gas. We have a special impregnation for emergency chlorine scrubbers.

Dry Scrubbing Medias

Activated Alumina
- Potassium Permanganate impregnation
- Potassium Hydroxide impregnation
- Sodium Thiosulphate impregnation
- Non flammable characteristics
- Emergency chlorine scrubber grades
- Very broad oxidation capabilities
- Accurate life analysis available

Activated Carbon

- Wide range of impregnations available
- Coal and coconut shell grades
- 25 or 500kg bags
- Small orders welcome

- High performance media for H2S
- Aerobic or Anaerobic flows
- Ideal for Biogas and Landfill gas
- Water saturated flows are preferred
- Inert non flammable media
- Highly reliable and cost effective

Design Basis
- Free equipment design service
- Performance guarantees given


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