Odour Control Systems

Dry scrubbing systems are available for low challenges when the minimum of maintenance is required. The Odorgard wet scrubbing process is suitable for higher air flow rates and challenges. High H2S streams can be pre-treated with CIF vessels or biofilters followed by SulfaTreat dry scrubbing.

Odour Control Systems

Dry Scrubbing
- Vertical and horizontal flow housings
- Demisting and humidity control packages
- 'V' shaped refillable media trays

Wet Scrubbing
- Odorgard catalytic process
- Upgrades for conventional wet systems
- Acid stage not normally required
- Operates at low pH

- Cost effective for high H2S challenges
- Pre-treatment before normal dry scrubbing
- No water control needed with wet air streams
- Also removes light Mercaptans
- Minimum of maintenance requirements

CIF Vessels
- Pre-treatment for H2S and Mercaptans
- Low pressure drop, long media life
- Humidity control essential
- Very low running cost


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