Taking control of your energy, assets and estate

Rising utility costs, complying with government legislation, meeting organisational sustainability targets, or developing smarter ways to manage energy. Energy and utilities are essential to every organisation, but against this backdrop they can be expensive and complex, creating an array of potential business challenges.

Taking control of your energy, assets and estate

These challenges include:

• How can you secure the best energy contract for your organisation?

• What can you do to manage your energy risk?

• How do you make sure you’re being charged the correct amount for your energy and utilities?

• How can you optimise your buildings and assets to reduce energy consumption?

• What technologies could help you reduce your costs?

• How can you reduce your environmental impact?

• How can you stay compliant with health & safety and water quality standards?

Staying ahead of the competition means taking control of your energy. Making it simple, sustainable and efficient. Now, imagine taking control not only of your energy, but also of your assets, your building, your entire estate.

Mitie Energy are an award-winning, UK-based energy, utilities and sustainability solutions business. Our end-to-end capabilities mean that we can offer everything from standalone services to a fully outsourced and integrated solution.

But as we are not a utilities provider, our services are truly independent.

We’re part of Mitie, the UK’s largest facilities management provider. This means that we can advise, implement, deliver and manage solutions that leverage our expertise across multiple utilities and Smart buildings to provide maximum efficiencies and cost-savings. Those include independently verified average savings of 13%, with guaranteed savings of 10% with zero capex investment.

If you'd like to find out more about the services, solutions and savings we offer, why not visit www.mitie.com/energy and download our brochure?

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