Carbon Filter Housing Units for Solvent Fume Removal

The AAC Swiftpack System is a Carbon Filter Housing Unit designed for use with the AAC PR range of plastic, refillable Carbon Filters.

Carbon Filter Housing Units for Solvent Fume Removal

This economical filter housing solution is designed for Solvent Fume Removal applications where there are new or existing ducted systems.

The AAC Swiftpack System offers a range of key benefits including pre-filtration and after filtration capability, hinged or removable side access door/panel, air tight, brush pile seals on filter slides preventing air by-pass and modular configurations for larger units.

Typical applications include:

·            Research Facilities

·            Laboratories

·            Paint Factories and Spray Booths

·            Print Works

AAC Colourcell Media Filter System

The AAC Colourcell Media Filter System helps end users and maintenance teams to achieve maximum benefit from their Carbon Filter System, by providing a visual, first stage analysis, of the condition of installed Activated Carbon.

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