Carbon Filter Systems for Air Handling Units

The AAC Swiftkit® is a bespoke "kit of parts" carbon filter solution designed to enable Air Handling Unit (AHU) manufacturers to incorporate the AAC PR™ range of refillable carbon filters into their air handling units.

 Carbon Filter Systems for Air Handling Units

Cost Effective Alternative to Conventional Carbon Filter Systems

This high-performance solution is equally suited to small and large air handling unit applications, where space may be at a premium, or when site restrictions prohibit the installation of conventional carbon filter systems.

The AAC Swiftkit® system is suitable for a wide range of air handling applications including:

  • Airport Terminal Buildings
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems
  • Industrial Systems


AAC Swiftkit System® and Indoor Air Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Filtration

The AAC Swiftkit System® is suitable for use in centralised plant projects, where AAC NITROSORB® is specified for the mitigation of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

Key Benefits:

  • Low cost, simple to install “kit of parts” solution
  • Plastic refillable filter system
  • Designed for use with the AAC Colourcell® media filter system
  • Standard parts (usually ex-stock)
  • Easy to retrofit on site


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