Carbon Filters for High Performance Odour Control and Air Filtration

We offer a full range of competitively priced Carbon Filter products, designed to deliver high performance Odour Control and VOC Abatement in Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Educational applications.

 Carbon Filters for High Performance Odour Control and Air Filtration


Typical Applications:

  • Odour Control and VOC abatement in wastewater & sewage treatment
  • Odour and grease reduction in commercial kitchens
  • Odour control in abattoirs and blood tanks
  • Indoor air filtration in office air intake systems
  • H2S removal in waste recycling plants
  • Kerosene removal from indoor air at Airport Terminal buildings
  • Solvent fume removal in manufacturing plants
  • Odour control in food processing plants
  • Air Filtration in research laboratories and clean rooms
  • VOC removal in the Chemical, Oil and Gas sectors


Our Carbon Filters are designed to deliver a cost effective, robust solution and include the following:

  • AAC PR Carbon Filters
  • AAC Swiftkit Carbon Filter System for Air Handling Units (AHUs)
  • AAC Swiftpack Carbon Filters for ducted systems
  • AAC Skeleton-Frame
  • AAC Colourcell Media Filter System
  • AAC PV Passive Vents
  • BFV Bulk Filter Vessel
  • DFV Drum Filters
  • LF series of Liquid phase Carbon Filters


Activated Carbon

We hold extensive stock of high quality, coal and coconut based Activated Carbon.

Carbon Filter Replacement Service

We also offer a comprehensive carbon filter replacement service for most existing plant and equipment.

Media Disposal Services

At AAC Eurovent, we can arrange for the disposal of spent media by an approved disposal company. This low-cost service frees up our clients from any direct involvement in the organisation and logistics of the spent media disposal process. On completion of this exercise, a certificate of safe disposal is then issued to clients for their records.

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