Commercial Kitchen Extractor Filters

AAC Eurovent is a market leading provider of high performance Commercial Kitchen Extractor Filters.

Commercial Kitchen Extractor Filters


All our filters are designed for economy and performance, delivering effective and reliable odour, smoke, and grease reduction in kitchen extraction systems.

Our products include a full range of competitively priced plastic refillable Carbon Filters, ESP Electrostatic Filters, and the Xtract Series of Ozone based Odour Control units.

AAC offer the AAC Colourcell Media Filter system, which provides an important first stage analysis of the condition of installed Activated Carbon, and an invaluable indication as to when the media may require to be replaced.

All our kitchen odour control products are manufactured in accordance with the quality assured system: BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and are supported by our Free Technical Assistance.

AAC also provide a fast turnaround Media Replacement and Media Safe Disposal Service

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