Inline Filter - AAC IL CF 200A

The AAC IL CF 200A is a lightweight, refillable inline filter designed to deliver a competitively priced solution for the streamlined installation of carbon filters for inline ductwork applications including:

Inline Filter - AAC IL CF 200A


This low-cost carbon canister delivers excellent airflows and odour control in applications with maximum flow rates of up to 760m3/hr and fits most type of extractor fans and mounting frames.

Typical Applications:

  • Sewage Waste Odour
  • Commercial Kitchen Odour
  • Odour Control in Abattoirs
  • Air Purification for Offices & Airports
  • Solvent & Diesel Exhaust Odour Adsorption
  • Odour Control for Hydroponic Gardening


For maximum air filtration potential, the AAC IL CF 200A is filled with 4mm virgin activated carbon pellets. The upper cylinder can be removed from its outer casing to enable media replacement by removing the self-tapping screws.

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