Odour Removal Solutions for Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

AAC Eurovent provide a full range of high-performance Odour Removal solutions designed to efficiently remove Hydrogen Sulphide, Mercaptan, Indoles and Skatoles in Sewage and Wastewater Treatment applications.

Odour Removal Solutions for Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

Our Carbon Filter products are manufactured using the latest technology to deliver a full range of cost-effective solutions.

Our product range includes:

·        Plastic Refillable Carbon Filters

·        Carbon Filter Housing for Ducted Systems

·        Passive Vents

·        Drum Filter Vessels

·        Bulk Filters

·        Carbon Canisters

Carbon Filters for Liquid Phase

The AAC LF series of modular Liquid Carbon Filters are designed to efficiently remove a wide range of organic compounds.

These competitively priced filters are suitable for semi-static, emergency, or temporary operations such as site remediation and spillage scenarios.

We also offer a full range of competitively priced Carbon Filter Services which includes: Media Testing, Media Replacement, and Media Disposal.

AAC Colourcell Media Filter System

The AAC Colourcell Media Filter System uses patented technology to provide an important visual indication of the condition of installed Activated Carbon, and to when the media may require to be replaced.

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