Dual Laminate Tanks

Combining the outstanding strength of GRP with the high chemical resistance of a thermoplastic inner shell.

Dual Laminate Tanks

Dual laminate tank technology is now accepted as standard in all industries – from chemicals to food, microelectronics and offshore oil and gas. Offering superb value for money, they are available with different thermoplastic inner shells – the most appropriate selected for each application. Also known as the Lion range, when manufactured under DWI: Regulation 31.

Dual laminate tank design is not limited to available moulds or mandrels, sizes can be determined to suit the requirements of the application precisely.

Design freedom extends to tanks in vertical or horizontal cylindrical configurations; even rectangular tanks and irregular fabrications are achievable.

All Forbes dual laminate tanks incorporate conductive material behind the weld lines and nozzle penetrations so that the integrity of the tank can be proven by spark testing throughout its working life.

  • Although light and easy to handle, the substantial strength achievable with GRP dual laminate permits structures to be designed with integral steelwork such as ladders, handrailing, platforms and agitator bridges. It is straightforward to include side access manways when building dual laminate GRP tanks.

Key Information

  • From 10,000 to over 150,000 litres capacity
  • Reduced costs and lead times
  • Inner shell available in PP, PVCu, PVDF and ECTFE
  • Integral steelwork and side access manways can be included

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