GRP Tanks

From Water to Chemicals, from Food to Effluent - most liquids can be safely and economically stored in GRP tanks.

GRP Tanks

GRP Tanks, Vessels & Silos

GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics) storage tanks are generally accepted as best practice for installation throughout most industries.

Further to our standard range of sizes, these can be custom designed in a variety of resin/glass fibre laminates, including Isophthalic, NPG Isophthalic & various Vinyl Esters.

Typical applications include water and corrosive liquids such as sewage sludge, general effluent, liquid fertiliser, brine and aggressive chemical storage.


Offering a wide selection of standard sized GRP composite (Glass Reinforced Plastic) flat based tanks.

  • Available from 5,000 – 160,000 litres capacity
  • Available diameters: 2000mm, 2400mm, 3050mm, 3500mm & 4111mm internal
  • Very strong yet light in weight
  • Available with sloping base

Conical based silos

A superb standard range of high performance GRP silos. 

  • Strong and light in weight
  • Completely corrosion free
  • One piece body with a smooth interior assures complete emptying
  • Smooth knuckle with no internal crevices.


Bulk water storage firefighting tanks.

Capacities from 50m3 to 200m3

Tanks are built to Category 1 to BS 4994 & can be certified by a third party insurance inspection if required

Only requires drain down inspection every 10 years

Designed & built to the requirements of the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1276

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