Innatank® is the ground-breaking integrally bunded storage tank from Forbes.


Providing safe storage of hazardous liquids to the very highest levels of environmental protection.

Innatank®’s genuinely innovative design, consists of a helically wound tank with a separate close fitting bund which is assembled with the tank as one piece to enable ease of installation. Combined with the fail-safe overfill prevention and leak detection system, the Innatank® offers exceptional efficiency and uncompromising safety.

Being a tank in an integral bund with over the top discharge if required, Innatank offers an intrinsically safe method of storing and processing hazardous liquids.

Environment and personnel are fully protected against leakage or spills. Limited connections or breaches below liquid level through the tank or bund wall and continuous leak monitoring, which can give local or remote alarms, give complete peace of mind.

Efficient & Economical

The space-saving design with its small footprint allows for greater storage efficiencies and is easy to install.

Large cost saving with no civil bund required.

Reduced Maintenance 

No maintenance is required other than routine external inspection and checking the built-in monitoring system. No arrangements required to maintain the traditional bund from ingress of rainwater and eliminates the danger of flotation.

Built to Last

Design life of 20 years alongside guarantees of up to 10 years (duty dependent). Exceptional chemical resistance as with all Forbes products.

Technical Specifications

  • Integral bund featuring 'over the top' discharge
  • Total containment providing exceptional safety
  • Small footprint - no requirement for a civil bund
  • Capacities of up to 50 cubic metres

Capacities in excess of 50m³ and certified to DVS2205 & EN12573. The leakage prevention system (conforming to BS EN 13616) prevents overfilling. Innatank conforms to the requirements of the Environmental Agency’s document PPG 2

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