Salt Saturators

Continuous controllable supply of saturated brine solution.

Salt Saturators

Forbes Salt Saturators can be fully approved to the stringent requirements of the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

The vessel contains layers of graded gravel on which rests a bed of salt covered by a constant head of water. The water dissolves the salt and, filtering through the gravel, emerges as clean, saturated brine in an automatic process needing only a water supply and refilling with PDV salt.

Key Information

  • From 2400mm to 4111mm diameter
  • GRP construction using WRAS approved materials
  • From 7 to 130 tonnes salt capacity

Forbes manufactures a wide range of standard Salt Saturators designed to suit most customer requirements. These range from 100 Kgs recharge up to 130 tonnes salt recharge capacity. 

Unlike most of our competitors, our standard range of salt saturators have been sized to have a reasonable normal operating water head pressure while also allowing for the increase in the normal water level caused by displacement after a full recharge of salt.

Technical Specifications

Each Forbes Salt Saturator System is supplied as a package including:

  • Storage Tank
  • Lifting lugs
  • Top access manway
  • Side access manway with level indicator window
  • Full height visual level indication strip in vessel wall
  • Air vent
  • Overflow
  • Outlet with brine collection system
  • PDV salt inlet with aluminium pipe and tanker connection
  • Water inlet with float controlled valve, and
  • Dual layer gravel bed.

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