Oxidiser Oxidizer Service

Operational services and maintains all types and make of oxidiser. No other company can offer the depth of experience and high standards of customer service.

Oxidiser Oxidizer Service

Oxidiser Service

Operational services and maintains all types and make of oxidiser and offer the following as part of a standard service package:-

  • Burner tuning/service/repair
  • Bake-out
  • Safety checks and interlock proving
  • Performance optimisation
  • Catalyst testing and replacement
  • Media upgrades 

    Technical Services

    To support our clients, we can apply our knowledge and experience to assist in the presentation of permit applications, environmental management plans or the general process function of a facility including:
  • LEL sensor calibration
  • Instrument calibration and maintenance (pressure, temperature, pH control systems, etc)
  • LEV monitoring and service
  • Stack emissions testing (MCERTS certified monitoring staff and equipment)
  • Thermal efficiency test for oxidisers, boilers and other heating systems
  • Process optimisation investigations
  • Detailed consultancy, desktop studies etc. to assist specific customer requirements 

    Process Safety 

    Good process safety management is not an option. However, safety provision does not need to be painful and an innovative approach can give benefits in process improvement and productivity. Operational is able to offer solutions and guidance through the legislation associated with process safety:
  • Process and safety improvement
  • ATEX evaluation
  • COSHH and LEV
  • Gas and solvent monitoring and control equipment
  • Capital projects to address and improve process safety




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