Process Heat Recovery

Manufacturing industry is under more pressure than ever to remain sustainable and efficient with the increasing burden of rising energy prices. Operational has developed key skills in maximising efficiency, recovering energy and developing benefit from waste streams.

Process Heat Recovery

Operational has proven capabilities in the following areas:

  • Process optimisation and dryer systems
  • Thermal efficiency schemes
  • Heat from waste systems
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Project management and engineering services
  • Provide the essential information required for front end design
  • Provide economy by optimisation of specifications
  • Provide performance acceptance and commissioning
  • Design and feasibility studies

    For example, in the food industry, Operational has provided many heat recovery systems to take waste heat from ovens and convert the energy into useful forms of energy such as boiler feed water, hot water for wash down and warm air ventilation. Often the recovered energy can be an efficient substitute for expensively generated steam. Typical projects of this type provide capital pay back in less than two years.

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