Peristaltic Cased Tube pumps

The Verderflex® Vantage 5000 next generation peristaltic pump is a family of highly advanced, easy programming precision dosing pumps.




  1. The Verderflex Vantage 5000

Easy to operate, extremely user-friendly, every Verderflex® Vantage 5000 uses touch-screen technology and a simple menu structure to give an intuitive operating system. Each pump has highly visible, colour coded on-screen status alerts and alarms. Every pump has 4 tube wall thickness rotor options for maximum flow flexibility and optional tube elements are available

with Hose Barb or Tri-Clamp connections.



  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
  • Cell Solution, Transfer of fermentation feeds, filtration feeds, nutrient metering
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Ferric Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorite, Potassium Permanganate,
  • Industrial; Dosing of: Flavour into oils, yeast, hypo in power generation, reagent dosing (low shear reduces flocculent use)
  • Water Treatment
  • Calcium Hypochlorite, Aluminium Sulphate,
  • Sodium Bisulphite, Fluorosilicic Acid,
  • Poly Aluminium Chloride


  1. Verderflex VP dosing pumps

The Verderflex® VP dosing systems are self contained IP 55 rated constant or

variable flow dosing systems for pH, REDOX or Chlorine control. Systems include

an overdosing alarm, remote On-Off switching, and supply tank fluid-level

switches make them ideal for small scale water purification based applications.



  • Chemicals dosing
  • Dishwashing and other washing equipment
  • Small scale water treatment
  • Swimming pool water treatment


  1. Verderflex Vantage 3000

The flexible low to medium flow Verderflex® Vantage 3000 cased drive tube pump

can be supplied with 3 different head designs allowing different wall thickness

(WT) tubing to be used and on smaller wall thicknesses, multiple heads can be

fitted. The pump can be user calibrated to ensure high accuracy and has a run

back option to prevent spillages of hazardous liquids.



  • Bench-top laboratory processing
  • Chemical
  • Food flavouring
  • Pharmaceutical


  1. Verderflex Economy

The Verderflex® Economy range of peristaltic tube pumps are simple to use,

manual control, cost effective cased drive tube pumps. Ideal for intermittent,

bench top use in laboratories and process environments, this compact range

is ideal for transferring, harsh, abrasive, shear sensitive or viscous fluids. The

family has 5 pump head options for a wide range of maximum flow rates.



  • Bench-top laboratory processing
  • Chemical seed treatment
  • Dairy CIP systems
  • Paper and pulp



  1. Verderflex Smart

The Verderflex® Smart cased drive pumps have a unique, latching ski boot style

tube pump head for quick and easy tube changes with a safety cut out when

the head is not correctly fitted or accidentally opened. Pumps can be supplied

with up to 4 heads for multiple channel dosing.



  • Biotechnology - Cellular broths
  • Chemical processing - Reagents
  • Water Treatment – Flocculants



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