Peristaltic Pumps at the heart of Water Treatment Process

The AySA San Martin plant situated in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires serves around 8 million people and treats around 3,000,000m of water a day.

Peristaltic Pumps at the heart of Water Treatment Process

The pumping station has 7 x Verderflex Dura 35 hose pumps running. So when the new AySA Bernal plant in the south of Buenos Aires needed pumps they also chose the Verderflex Dura 35. The AySA Bernal PLANT serves about 3.4million people and treats around 900,000m³ of water per day.

The Verderflex Dura 35 peristaltic hose pumps were chosen because of the compact nature, especially compared with alternatives such as screw pumps. The Dura 35 has the added benefit that the corrosive PAC fluid being pumped does not come into contact with any moving parts and is totally contained within the heavy-duty hose.

The Dura 35 also offers very easy maintenance with the only significant wear part being the hose.

The plant manager is very happy indeed with the performance and low maintenance of the pumps. He stated that ,“Gone are the days where we have to go down to the hardware store and buy a coupling or a bearing to repair the pump, there is only the hose and that’s it, we can change the hose in situ”.

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