Mega_Link is a communications system that can pass instrumentation data between industrial plant and equipment distributed over wide geographical areas, typically by radio. It can be used on its own or with a range of expansion modules


The plant I/O interfaces are compatible with a wide range of digital and analogue instruments and would typically be connected to equipment such as volt-free contacts, depth transducers, flow meters and electrical switchgear. The I/O expansion port provides additional plant interfaces via a range of expansion modules

COM1, COM2 and COM3 can be used for connecting distributed Mega_Link’s together or for linking to intelligent industrial equipment such as SCADA systems, PLC’s, sensors or third party telemetry systems.
COM1 and COM2 can each be fitted with any of the interface modules shown. COM3 has an RS232/RS485 interface. Each COM port can use any protocol.

The USB port implements two virtual serial COM ports so can be used with various PC applications. It is, however, intended primarily for connecting to a PC running DUCX.

Mega_Link is configured using DUCX software, which can be down-loaded at no charge and will run on any PC. DUCX uses XTP protocol, so can be connected via any COM port or via USB. For example, if a GSM radio is fitted to one of the COM ports a user can run DUCX remotely.

The integral display allows the user to examine and modify the system configuration, monitor all inputs and outputs, eavesdrop all data being transmitted and received, view the system status and diagnose problems. For cost-sensitive applications the display can be omitted and a handheld version used instead.

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