How to measure flow with ABB AC drives flow meter routine

Within water networks measuring flow is important in understanding how your particular process is performing. It allows you to determine if there is any leakage and gives a picture of flow at a given point within your pipe network.

How to measure flow with ABB AC drives flow meter routine

The challenge

Leakage has always been a major issue for water companies, therefore it is important to measure it within water networks. Traditionally, flow meters at defined points have been used to determine this, however ABB industrial drive modules can also give accurate flow measurement. Although not a replacement for flow meters, they can help form part of a comprehensive flow meter regime.

The solution

ABB’s flow calculation function enables calculation of flow without the installation of a separate flow meter, helping to reduce costs. It can provide accurate measurement at a given point within a pipe network.

How it works

The flow calculation function can measure the flow rate using two pressure transmitters or solely ABB industrial drive operating data. It helps to monitor the pumping process in single pump installations.

The flow measurement calculation is based on pump curves (PQ and HQ), pressure feedback from two sensors, data about the pump installation and Direct Torque Control (DTC) motor data.

Key benefits of ABB's flow calculation function

- Removes the need for flow meter, transmitters and cabling costs
- Flow calculation is easy to set up and more cost effective than a separate flow meter
- Helps detect leakage

How do I get the flow calculation function?

The flow calculation function is a feature of the ABB industrial drive modules for water and wastewater applications. The drives’ pump specific features ensure accurate control of water flow throughout the processing cycle – from raw water, through utilisation, to wastewater treatment.

The modules include pre-programmed pump control functions. These functions are easy to select and implement using pre-configured macros for single and multi-pump applications. In addition, an easy-to-use programming utility is provided, enabling users to further customise their drives.

ABB industrial drive modules are the ideal choice for water and wastewater applications. Specially designed to meet the demanding needs of squared torque pump control, these highly advanced drives maximise uptime and minimise energy costs in pumping systems.

The modules are designed for cabinet assembly and are easily mounted side-by-side. Intelligent start-up assistant ensures that drive commissioning is straightforward and the functions needed for most pumping systems can be easily implemented with the pre-programmed macros. Starting up a pumping system and optimising its performance is extremely easy. ABB industrial drive modules include everything needed for reliable and efficient pump control in water and wastewater applications.

Further information

Other intelligent pump functions available include:
- Soft pipe filling
- Remote monitoring
- Level control
- Pump cleaning
- Multi-pump control
- Sleep and boost
- Pump specific protection

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