Optimizing industrial water use through flowmetering

Improving understanding of site-wide water usage in industrial applications through accurate flow measurement.

Optimizing industrial water use through flowmetering

For companies to identify their water footprint and find ways to improve it requires a detailed understanding of their current
consumption, including any areas where water may be being lost. A thorough water measurement regime on an industrial
site should focus on the accurate measurement of both the clean and waste water parts of the process. Measurement is necessary for a number of reasons, including:

  • Where an organization abstracts its water from a local supply, to measure the amount abstracted and determine
  • whether the quantity is within permitted limits
  • To help assess the efficiency of the production process(es)
  • To help establish a water mass balance between the amount of water entering the site, the amount consumed and the amount discharged to waste
  • To ascertain how much water may be being lost in transit around the site
  • To help identify areas where water consumption could be reduced through greater efficiency and to assess the performance of any on-going water efficiency programs
  • Where waste water is concerned, to help satisfy any legislation relating to disposal
  • To help identify potential scope for savings in the water treatment process

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