BOA Cardboard, paper and plastic balers

Looking for baling presses that produce heavy, well-shaped, stackable bales at low operational costs? BOA Recycling Equipment provides the best baling solution, thanks to an extensive program of horizontal balers. BOA supplies baling presses that are suitable for.

BOA Cardboard, paper and plastic balers

Each market needs specific baling presses with a typical press method. Each type of waste material has specific characteristics, which asks for a baler with particular features. When baling domestic waste for example, you will need balers that are strong and wear-resistant, coping with wet and dirty materials. Waste paper can contain big bundles of magazines, plastics are very expansive, etc., etc. The different types of BOA baling presses with various available options can handle the widest possible range of materials.

For every material we offer suitable baling presses with several options, enabling the most efficient (waste) baling process of each particular type of material.

  • Baling cardboard and/or paper,
  • Plastic baling,
  • Baling waste or
  • Baling other materials, e.g. car tyres.

A BOA baler is fast, extremely reliable and very efficient. With a BOA baling machine you will ensure yourself of the most profitable press methodology.

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