BOA Reel Splitters

Reel splitters are designed to cut defective or surplus paper reels to separate the residual paper from the cores. The cut paper can then be further processed through a.pulper or baler. The reelsplitters are also used to cut other material reels such as aliminium reels or wrapped bales.

BOA Reel Splitters

Characteristics of the reelsplitter:No special foundations required.

Smart and efficient design resulting in reduced cutting timeUncomplicated operation and control.

BOA reelsplitters are safe and secure to use, and have among other things, a safe two hand push button control, which means the operator has to use both hands to activate the machine, they are also equipped with an emergency stop device that makes the knife move upwards quickly.

Depending on the location of the machine, they can also be equipped with a safety light fence, when crossing the light curtain, the machine automatically shuts down.

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