Shear Baler for Producing Mill Sized Bales

The competitively priced BOA Baseline is a basic baling press that makes perfect mill-sized bales. It is user-friendly,easy accessible and safe.

Shear Baler for Producing Mill Sized Bales

This horizontal shear baler has an automatic binding system with 5 vertical wires, using minimum floor space. It produces bales fully automatically and has a press force of 60 tonnes.

  • Effectiveness and simplicity
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • User-friendliness
The optimum design of the press chamber and cutting bar results in excellent cutting performance. The machine applies more force and speed to compress the material,reducing wear, operating costs and energy consumption.

The BOA Baseline is an easy to use and reliable baling press, producing evenly formed bales at low operational cost. Not being pretentious, just doing what it's made for: straightforward baling.

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