Shredders in waste and recycling

BOA shredders are applied to shred waste materials. We have various types of shredders available to reduce for example waste paper, electronic waste and other materials. Our shredders all have the same purpose: effectively crushing and reducing the size of the material for easier further processing and recycling. We have shredders available for two different types of materials: Paper and cardboard (including for example archive materials, cardboard sheets, paper reels, tubes) Electronic waste (including for example vacuum cleaners, LCD TV sets)


Electronic waste and other materials

The following shredding machine can be applied to crush specific materials, such as electronic waste and more. 

BOA Pre-Crusher to break waste materials

The BOA pre-crusher breaks material like WEEE, LCD TV’s, etc. One of the pre-crusher's advantages is that it does not cut the material, but breaks it, which makes sorting afterwards easier to take out for example valuable, reusable materials, such as printed circuit boards. Its functionality is similar to the bagopener. The pre-crusher, however, has a special design, such as hardox lining for extra resistance.

(Waste) paper and cardboard

The following shredders are applied to shred waste paper and cardboard and superfluous material from the paper and cardboard industry.

LSH shredder for cardboard sheets

The BOA LSH shredder is a slow rotating shredder to reduce large pieces of cardboard. It is characterized by its low noise level, low dust emission and minimized energy consumption. The shredder has 3 rotating shafts with hammer discs, that run in opposite direction at different speeds.

KKS shredder to shred cardboard sheets and cores

The BOA KKS shredder has the same advantages as the LSH shredder. Next to that, the KKS shredder has a seperate input section for cardboard cores or tubes. At that input section, special knives are fixed to the drum. It easily shreds long and thick-walled tubes with layers of residual paper of up to 25 mm.

BOA Alligator shredder for archive material

The Alligator shredder is a fast rotating shredder for the destruction of archive (and office) material, such as documents and files, boxes and binders, chain paper, bundled paper and cheques. It has wear resistant mangenese fast spinning teeth. and an adjustable cam gap to adapt the size of the output.

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