Low cost, Online Siloxane Monitor now Available

STS Instruments have launched a Siloxane Monitor for measurement of total Siloxanes in gas supply to CHP engines, suitable for Anaerobic Digestion derived Bio Gas and Landfill gases with constant monitoring once an hour, 24hrs a day 365 days a year

The STS Siloxane Monitor has, unlike other available units been designed specifically and solely for the analysis of siloxanes in gases supplied to CHP engines.  This ground up development has resulted in the instrument being simple to install, run and maintain whilst providing clear and understandable data.


The STS Siloxane Monitor uses a combination of analytical techniques to sample the gas supply and outputs a concentration figure in mg/m3.  The instrument will detect siloxane levels down to 1mg/m3 and up to 400mg/m3+


Carbon filtering is the most common form of siloxane removal and it works very well.  Carbon is relatively easy to replace, may be regenerated several times and is readily available. 


However knowing when to change a carbon filter currently relies either on inadequate bag sampling or on historical information of how long a previous filter was deemed to have lasted.  The STS Siloxane Monitor therefore fulfils two roles, the identification of the filter’s failure as it begins to pass damaging siloxanes to the engine and in potentially extending the life of the filter where breakthrough has not occurred but under a diarised regime the filter would have been prematurely changed. 


The Siloxane Monitor may also be used for the optimisation of regenerative filter regimes ensuring that the maximum capacity of the filters is used before regeneration takes place.  Cost efficiencies can therefore be made saving on the frequency of expensive regeneration, the data will also give advance warning of a deterioration of the filter media and therefore less efficient siloxane removal.    

 The cost benefit of online monitoring is very clear, on the one hand extending carbon life means reduced costs and on the other changing the filter at the correct time means preventing damaging siloxanes entering the engine and the resultant cost of replacement heads, plugs and oil.


The Siloxane Monitor produces a reading every hour which is logged to the instruments internal memory and also outputted to a SD card. The data is in a csv file and can therefore be easily converted to an excel graph to show the trend.


The data is also viewable from the instrument display.  A bar chart of the last 200 readings and tables of the last 2000 readings can be quickly accessed for on the spot interpretation and appropriate action.


STS offers a full site survey, installation and maintenance/calibration service to UK customers.  Overseas customers are handled by our distribution network.


All instruments are manufactured in the UK and supplied with 12 months warranty.


Compare what you currently know about your siloxane loading to what you could know with an online monitor - timely, accurate, understandable, usable data giving you the tools to optimise your plant - to your advantage.


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