Misconnections Monitor gets the thumbs up

The innovative SMF4 misconnections monitor from STS Instruments has been given the thumbs up by Severn Trent Water with the addition of 3 further units. Severn Trent now have 5 SMF4 units fielded for the rapid detection and quantification of foul water misconnections into Storm Water Sewers.

Misconnections Monitor gets the thumbs up

Severn Trent first purchased two SMF4 units in 2012 and rapidly integrated them into their misconnections teams in the Central Region based out of the Minworth Office.  The teams rapidly identified the value of the instruments in being able to identify organic pollution in the storm water system and the ability to immediately trace the pollution back to the source. 

The teams using the instruments have also identified that previous visual inspections of the sewer systems may not have revealed pollution and therefore been overlooked.  The SMF4's virtually instant readout means that it does not slow down the teams work and both verifies concerns raised by visual inspection and identifies sources which are not visible.


Following on from this initial success Severn Trent have now taken delivery of a further 3 units so that each region is equipped with a unit to help identify and eliminate misconnections which impact river water quality and public health.

For more information on the SMF4 system please contact Jim Ward on 01344 483563 or jim@safetrainingsystems.com


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