River and Water Treatment Testing

The SMF 2-LSP (Liquid Sampling Probe) uses conventional optical geometry to measure the fluorescence of solutions in standard 1 cm cells. However, the compact size and battery based operation allow the instrument to be used in the field to make measurements that, until now, required large laboratory spectrometers.

River and Water Treatment Testing

This portability then allows the user to make measurements at the point where the sample is taken and hence take immediate action on the results.

Applications of the SMF 2 LSP include, for example:

•measurement of tryptophan and other biomarkers in river and water treatment plant studies measurement of industrial pollutants in rivers and sewage works
measurement of materials swabbed from surfaces in industrial hygiene studies fluorescent tracer measurement identification of unknown materials in landfills and fly tipping

•We are proud to announce that the SMF 2-LSP received the Silver Award from the European Environmental Press for innovative environmental technology at Pollutec 2003.

The SMF 2 - SMP (Surface Monitoring Probe) is a direct reading spectrofluorimeter which uses short wavelength UV to excite materials of interest on surfaces and detects the resulting fluorescence. The materials efficiently detected by this technique include all fluorescent dyes, which may be incorporated in products as diverse as inks, polymers, oil and water, paper and domestic products, as well as naturally occurring fluorescent materials such as some pharmaceuticals and environmental pollutants.

Applications of the SMF 2 SMP include, for example:

Simulation of toxic materials
Security ink research
Coating identification and measurement
Industrial hygiene monitoring
Cleaning monitoring
Tracer studies

The ability to measure directly on surfaces makes the SMF 2 - SMP an optimum approach for many tasks and its portability enables the measurements to be taken on site, therefore avoiding delays caused by transit of samples to laboratory.

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