STS SMF4 - Instant BOD Equivalent testing

STS Instruments have launched the SMF4 Portable Fluorimeter which gives instant on site BOD equivalent quantification. On the spot decisions can now be taken regarding water quality, control actions can be implemented and ongoing pollution can be minimised.

STS SMF4 - Instant BOD Equivalent testing

Applications for the SMF4 instrument include:

-Water Companies use in identifying cross connected sewers
-Assessment of BOD values through the waste water treatment process
-Monitoring discharges to watercourses
-Monitoring of known problematic discharges
-Rapid response to reported incidents
-Monitoring of river water quality which may impact bathing waters
-Tracking of upstream pollution events
-Enforcement of consent notices

Instrument Dimensions
-Size including carrying handle 18 x 30 x 15 cm
-Weight including batteries 2.2 Kg
-Splash proof sealing

Instrument Features
-LCD Display 93 x 70 mm
-Internal rechargeable batteries
-Alphanumeric & Navigation Keypads
-Cell holder and Cover
-Internal Memory data capture of up to 2000 sample records
-Automated serial sample data recording

Instrument Functions:

Data Input- each sample captures a unique ID number, date, time and reading in addition to user defined sample ref and location data.

Sensitivity- the instrument has 3 sensitivity settings accommodating a wide range of Tryptophan concentrations. Concentrations can be measured from 0.025ppm to 25.0ppm.

Backlight- may be turned on and off as light conditions require, the backlight will automatically be turned off after 5 minutes to preserve battery life.

Auto Sampling- using a flow cell and pump the instrument may be set up to carry out a series of measurements over a specified period at user defined intervals. The results may be written to either the internal memory or to an external data logger.

Internal Memory- may be downloaded via an RS232 port. A 9 pin RS 232 to RS232 / USB output is provided to connect the SMF4 to either a PC or data logger. PC requires Windows 98/2000/XP/7. The internal memory may also be cleared using the download function.

Set Date/Time- date and time are set in dd/mm/yy and hh/mm

Battery Information- the SMF4 is powered by NiMH rechargeable batteries, which give a useful operating period of approx 10hrs. Approx 12hrs recharge time required using provided charger. Battery life is shown by a battery level indicator icon on the LCD display.

Sample Cell- cell holder accepts standard fluorescence cells of 10 x 10 x 40 mm and will accommodate flow through cells for auto sampling.

Instruments are currently in use in the UK, USA, France, Australia and South Africa.

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