atg UV disinfection and treatment systems

We are prime manufacturers of both Medium Pressure, Low Pressure and Low Pressure Amalgam UV disinfection / UV treatment systems. atg UV also offer Special Ultraviolet disinfection / treatment systems offering clients an individually tailored service to solve the most complex of disinfection problems.

atg UV disinfection and treatment systems

With three decades of experience in the Ultravioletindustry combined with constant product innovation and the development of award winning system designs, atg UVprovide economic, versatile and durable solutions for many applications in a variety of industry sectors and operating environments, with flows ranging from a few litres per hour to over 5,000m3/hr in a single unit .

atgUV: Technology Range:

  • Standard Low pressure UV Systems
  • Low pressure amalgam UV Systems
  • Exclusive 800 Watt Low PressureUV Systems
  • Medium pressure UV lamps

  • atgUV: System Range:
  • Capacities from 5,000 m3/hr.
  • Water qualities from atgUV:Chamber Configurations
  • AxialSystems - U shape
  • AxialSystems - S shape
  • Axial Systems - L shape
  • Ultra Compact, high performanceInline Design
  • Skid mounted and containerised packages

  • atg understands that no two specifications are the same and approaches each client's needs individually in order to choose the best UV technology option available to meet customer demands.For more information on which technology options are best suited for your industry needs please visit

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